Caliente Nudist Resort - Adults Only! Must Be 18+ to View! Nudism Lifestyle Clothing Free Living!

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I have heard of Caliente Resort for years and never thought it would be much more than a cheesy hotel with a bunch of unattractive old people with droopy boobs hanging balls and leathery skin. I was unable to get beyond that assumption based on the things I had seen on TV and the nude beaches I've been to in the past.
But when I had the opportunity to do a review and take a tour I couldn't pass it up!

When I drove through the gates into the community I was blown away by how nice and upscale the property is. The houses were beautiful and everyone I saw walking and jogging were decent looking and some were younger than I am!
My tour guide Deb, is awesome and adorable and you KNOW she gets wild! She gave me a tour during the day then the rest we filmed at night and during the Sunday SOS Pool Party!

You have to come check this place out! It is amazing!

Also another amazing Nudist Resort is and their youtube channel

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